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The first step toward a diet that enhances your health, energy level, looks AND keeps the extra weight off is to add more leafy greens. I’ll show you exactly how to do it in easy and delicious ways, even if you don’t currently eat any greens at all. (You’re not the only one!)

You'll get everything you need to Green Your Plate in a way that works for YOU. No more wasted greens you forgot about or didn’t know how to prepare. No more recipes your family refuses to even try.

I’ll show you how to end your frustration, eat more greens and get healthier.

Hi, I’m Jennifer Haubrich, certified health coach, natural food chef (and mother of two).

There was a time when I thought that a healthy diet meant cutting out sugar, or carbs, or fat. But I never felt or looked the way I wanted to using those methods. (I could never really succeed in any of them for very long either.)

Now I know that what you INCLUDE in your diet is what’s most important.And when you include the RIGHT foods, those pesky unhealthy food habits have a way of diminishing or even disappearing on their own.

Of all the foods that are important to include, I’ve discovered that leafy greens are by far #1. I want to share how you can take advantage of all their benefits too. Deliciously.

This course includes everything described below -- and more!

Selection and preparation tips for 27 types of greens

27 Types of Greens Discover new greens you haven’t tried and new uses for those you already like. Never again settle for greens you don’t love!

9 instructional videos with techniques and recipes

27 Types of Greens Master the most adaptable preparation methods and best practices for washing, prepping, short-term and long-term storage.

16 narrated presentations to learn everything you need to know about greens

27 Types of Greens Get inspiration to include more greens in your diet and the guidance you need to make it happen. Plus, find support in the private class Facebook group.

35 easy to make recipes to help expand your greens diet

27 Types of Greens Every recipe in this downloadable packet is indexed by course and type of green. Each also provides a list of alternate greens, so you can use your favorite and freshest greens.

16 weeks of mini menu plans & shopping lists to easily add greens to your menu

27 Types of Greens Save tons of time! Choose a menu, print the shopping list and add 3-5 greens recipes a week right away. Menus offer family-friendly, warm or cold weather and more advanced options, without the need to overhaul your whole diet.

6 super greens knowledge fact sheets with important nutritional information & guidelines

27 Types of Greens Avoid common pitfalls and misconceptions. Learn the truth behind confusing nutritional headlines, how many greens you should eat and how to get the most health benefits from them. Plus, how to help your kids enjoy them!

Watch sample instructional video:

GREEN Your Plate, CHANGE Your Life offers all this & MORE in 7 Modules of instruction, education & inspiration you can complete at your own pace, when & where you want -- as many times as you want.

PLUS: Have a question during or after the course? Get support & inspiration from Your Veggie Coach & other course participants in the Learn to LOVE Greens private Facebook group.

Answer these questions to find out if GREEN Your Plate, CHANGE Your Life is for you:

  • Do you want to want to focus on bringing more healthy and tasty foods into your diet, instead of trying to avoid certain foods or limiting quantities?
  • Are you ready to branch out from the same kale smoothie or spinach salad recipe to try different greens & new preparation methods?
  • Do you want to cut down on food waste and save money?
  • Are you ready to bring more plant-based dishes into your diet -- without completely overhauling the way you eat?
  • Would you love help adding variety & nutrients to your weekly menu & grocery list?
  • Do you want a way of eating that makes you feel light, alert and energetic?
  • Do you want to do all this without getting in the car, paying a babysitter or even getting dressed in a socially acceptable manner?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then GREEN Your Plate, CHANGE Your Life was made for you.

It comes with a 14-day money back guarantee: If you’re not satisfied that GREEN Your Plate, CHANGE Your Life delivers all that’s described here, I’ll give you your money back. It’s that simple.

Turn your focus to bringing delicious, health-supporting, energy-giving foods into your life. Get started TODAY. You can see, taste and feel the change in your life within a matter of days, while enjoying the benefits for years to come!

Here’s what clients have said about my programs & working with me:

“Jen was definitely made to be a health coach. She is passionate about what she does, extremely knowledgeable and hard-working, and she truly just “gets it.” She’s a kind and caring person who genuinely wants to help her clients see success.” - Ali S.

“It was a wonderful journey to work with Jen. I learned so much along the way. She has so much knowledge about nutrition that she helped me assess what I was eating and make changes that have really benefited me. The recipes Jen gave me are used weekly, if not daily.” – Judy C.

“This course exceeded my expectations. Having participated in various healthy eating programs and cooking classes, I found Jen’s approach thorough in information, but streamlined by category. This is doable, very doable. I recommend this program to ALL my female friends. The only thing that would make this program better is if I would have done it sooner!” – Bernadette P.

“I always hated to cook, but Jen taught me how to prepare good food. I enjoy cooking and look forward to making healthy recipes now. My older son said that this food makes him feel like he is eating a clean, healthy diet -- not a lot of heavy fat and grease. My whole family has learned the benefits of eating in a healthy, holistic way. Thank you Jen!” – Deb H.

“Exceeded all expectations! I feel much more armed with knowledge… and have a plethora of recipes from you now too! I can prepare good, healthy meals the entire family enjoys. Well worth the money. I’d recommend this program to other moms of toddlers. It’s a great thing to introduce healthier food early on so that it is just ‘the way we eat’.” – Pamela A.

Your Veggie Coach

Jennifer Haubrich

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